Writing online

reading an iPhoneHere’s 5 strategies that will increase the readability and usefulness of online writing. The strategies will also increase the visibility of writing on search engines like Google.

The 5 strategies can be employed immediately in the classroom. They can be seamlessly woven into all aspects of the curriculum and will also support both students and teachers in organising and structuring written content in all contexts, both on and offline.

Use the material below to support your learning in a way that works for you.

Best practice checklist

When I work online I:

  • write headlines and titles that are front-loaded, quick to scan and informative.
  • write a front-loaded, succinct summary or topic sentence at the opening of a blog post.
  • use the headings or styles function to add the heading hierarchy labels to titles and sub-headings in longer posts.
  • add alt-text, captions and titles to images.
  • write useful, informative hyperlinks, never “click here”.

Resources to build writing online skills

Possible learning pathways

  1. Select an unfamiliar skill and dig in.
  2. Review and revise a blog post of your own.
  3. Write a blog post or make a Word or Google document about one or more of the 5 strategies.
    • Include a headline and summary sentence.
    • Add sub-headings.
    • Add the heading hierarchy labels.
    • Add an image or two. Give them captions and alt-text if you can (some tools won’t let you!!!!!)
  4. Make your own pathway to meet your needs.

Useful resources

Workshop handouts

You are welcome to download or access:

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  1. moriartyok

    Thanks Chrissie,

    We are slowly incorporating your ideas at The Tree of PRIDE and I will be sharing how at our cluster meeting tomorrow. You are inspiring!

  2. Jeannette Dyet

    Many thanks for a wonderful workshop. Really appreciated that way the workshop was structured. It meant that I could get what I needed and rush off. Would that all workshops were run this way. It is very apparent that a lot of time and effort has been put into collecting and presenting of very applicable body of knowledge and resources – I have no doubt that these will be well used.

    I highly recommend both the presenter and the workshop content.


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