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Web Accessibility mentors: thank you

Here are my favourite go-to places to learn about Web Accessibility. Each has it’s own distinct purpose and strengths. No one place provides all the answers, but together they provide the backbone of this strand of my personal learning community. A recent event has prompted me to do a “shout out” for the way each…

Hyperlinks – a useful sign post

Writing a useful hyperlink benefits all users. It is like an informative signpost rather than a “Surprise!” A useful hyperlink also helps the user make a quick decision about whether to stay on your page or leave and investigate new content. Avoid “click here”. For screen reader users, who often navigate from link to link…

Evaluate your accessible web design skills

Take a look at the basic principles of accessible design in this stunning info-graphic called “Web Accessibility for Designers”. Created by WebAim, it outlines the things to think about when creating any online space. An accessible text version of “Web Accessibility for Designers” is also available courtesy of Chris Throup.