10 UDL-inspired tips for teachers prompted by squirrels

Two squirrels inspire 10 UDL tips for teachers.

10 UDL-inspired tips for teachers

  1. Create tasks/opportunities that enable everyone to demonstrate their understanding and ability through multiple pathways.
  2. Offer a range of options for expression: including  text, images, voice, video, animation, performance or a combination.
  3. Ensure that the “means” of showing understanding is not a barrier to success.
  4. If the “means” are a barrier for some, make supports available to everyone at the outset, e.g encourage the use of text-to-speech tools to support reading and writing.
  5. Use multimedia materials and multi-sensory approaches rather than print-only or talk-only options.
  6. Offer digital rather than hard copy formats that can be adjusted to match needs and preferences (e.g make text bigger, change the colour).
  7. Build in explicit connections to prior knowledge, big ideas, and patterns and reinforce using mind maps, graphic organisers, multi-media and multi-sensory resources.
  8. Offer a range of supports alongside tasks to all students such as links to visual dictionaries, word definitions, highlighting tools, glossaries, graphic organisers and text-to-speech tools.
  9. Make instructions, demonstrations, or key content rewindable and accessible 24/7.
  10. Have faith in the student’s ability to learn 🙂

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