Summary statements tell the whole story

The topic or summary sentence sums up your story. When you Google something, it shows in the search results below the title. Together the title and the topic sentence need to hook the reader’s attention.

Use Nielsen’s pyramid

Nielsen's pyramid

Nielsen’s pyramid

Nielsen’s inverted pyramid illustrates a well-used structure for online writing. There are 3 stages:

  • Begin with the topic sentence, the most important information.
  • Next, add the body, the supporting information.
  • End with the background information.

The idea comes from journalism. It means that the user can stop part of the way through an article but will still have its general meaning.

Extra tips

  • Use keywords at the beginning of your topic sentence.
  • Shorter sentences in plain language will also make your writing easier to scan.

Useful links from the Nielsen Norman group

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  1. Love you website. In consulting we use something similar – Minto pyramid. Short summary here

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