Day one at Harvard Summer UDL Institute

So here is my first video post from Boston.


Hi. So actually here in Boston now, and it is the most incredibly gorgeous sunny day.

My first wander around the campus at Harvard. I’ve got a bit of a down day, after about 25 hours of traveling yesterday.

So I’m here for just a short summer school on, it’s called “Reaching All learners – Universal Design”.

So it’s around taking another look at how we design curriculum, particularly this idea of planning for the mythical average learner. Instead we actually look at curriculum design, taking into consideration the variability from there outset.

Looking really clearly at the goals that we set and making sure  that the tasks that we set we not actually measuring the process and that there aren’t barriers in that process that kind of defeat learners before they can demonstrate what they know.

I’m particularly interested in the use of technology in that space and the difference that that can make.

And it’s pretty amazing to be here. There’s 40 educators from around the planet are going to meet together tomorrow. But today it’s just find my feet, sort out the paper work and just enjoy the sunshine. Beautiful day.

End of transcript.